World of Marketing goes Digital

Analog to Digital

Today the world of advertising is fast changing from analog to digital marketing. It is the new age of marketing and many businesses are left scrambling to figure it out.

Many business have no clue nor understanding of the effects of how the digital world actually works. Most business thinks that they can just create a page, and attempt to get organic likes. However, what they do not understand is how the google analytics, or Facebook Business actually works, the importance of keywords and how and when to use paid advertising. Many business believe that you can just post, and that is good enough, but you need to monitor and watch the numbers.

Analyzing Social Media Numbers — For Marketing and Media Content

Digital Audience and Media Analysis goes hand in hand with knowing what type of material is actually reaching the audience that you want to obtain. The pandemic has hit businesses hard, and the world of digital marketing has become even more important to help keep the business afloat.

Digital Marketing
Digital Audience

The following videos gives you a quick insight to the world of analyzing a digital audience.

As you can see you will find the importance of finding a audience. Social Media is so much more than just creating a page, you need to monitor the page and create reports and be able to analysis exactly who your audience is. You must be able to crunch numbers, and find out exactly who your audience is and who you are trying to target. In the next video you will see the importance of gathering, gaining and maintaining audience.

It is important to measure the metrics of impressions and followers. You need to be able to determine what was up over the last 30 days, and by what percentage, and what was the content that caused your numbers to spike, and which content caused your numbers to decrease.

Today most businesses have no clue, of how to analysis this type of report, instead they stay with a tried and true proven effect of marketing. They don’t understand how the numbers actually work, and how doing this can increase their business.

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