The legends of the Vine Street Walk of Fame

Karen Kaye
3 min readMay 13
Mervyn Le Roy and Richard Wallace Stars are both located on Vine Street between Selma and Sunset Blvd.

How many times have you walked down Vine Street in Hollywood and wondered what their legend was? As time passes by the stars of yesteryear start to fade. Too much of our history seems to get lost on the pavement as it is etched in time and forgotten history.

The stars along Vine Street stretch from Yucca, cross Hollywood Blvd, and end at Sunset. Every Star on the iconic walk of fame has their own unique store, some more interesting and mysterious than others.

Look at the entire walk of fame, watch the following videos of the entire walk of fame shows every star along the walk on Vine Street, additions were later added in a separate video telling their story. Each star has their own story.

Stars from Earle Williams, Frank Sinatra, Pierre Montrose, Jeanette MacDonald, are just a few stars who have quite a history. Check them all out and Hollywood Happenings YouTube channel, Every Star Has A Story, Walk of Fame.

Karen Kaye

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