The Best Way to Defeat A.I.

Karen Kaye
2 min readJul 20

We all know that A.I. is coming but have you really done your research and tested, really tested it out. On several occasions, I have asked A.I. a question to write about a certain person, and the answer that it came back with was it did not know what I was talking about.

Only you know about the subject that you want to write about, and if the person has been gone and out of the public spotlight long before cell phones, social media. Now, I am talking about the people born in the early 1900s. A notable example are the old stars that you see on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, even Google is unfamiliar with these celebrities of Hollywood’s past.

Remember, there is life before A.I., and the only ones that really control it are the people who program it with codes. As technology changes, the more advanced we get in our technology the scarier it becomes.

The key is the codes that people use to program the world and as it becomes more dangerous.

Check out my long form YouTube vlogs, and some of my other articles here on Medium, to find out some things about Hollywood that you may or may not know. However, the only true difference is that a human does better research and has more empathy than a machine does.

Karen Kaye

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