Surviving Life in an RV, and beyond

Life is a series of lessons and learning how to survive, but surviving life through difficult times, especially a pandemic has proven difficult. No matter how difficult times may be right now life as we knew it is gone. No jobs, no going out and no sports have made this life even more difficult. Life without sports has left us with too much time on our hands, leaving many to ask when sports will come back, but when they get back to playing it will be without fans for a while.

In times, of technology and social media has helped to keep us in touch with one other. We are now watching live virtual concerts from a variety of artists of all types of genres. No sports have left us without direction and a purpose, Sports over time has taught us teamwork and leadership, without a good leadership panic and turmoil occurs.

What are we doing to survive, know where you came so you know where you are going is a great survival tool. Our ancestors have taught us how to live and do without. Never in our time have we seen unemployment so high, and the need to get back to basics of living life has been greater.

Living and surviving on less, what many people today have no clue how to make the best of things while having less? The pandemic has left many of us asking how we survive, the questions that a lot of full time Rivers are faced with today. Where do we, living the nomadic lifestyle is a chosen way of life by many but during a pandemic makes it even more challenging than normal.

One such full time family is working through this very same thing, Less Junk More Journey headed back to their home base in Cookeville, TN what is RV life like living with less and living in a small space with a family, while working from home, and Distance Learning.

Quarantine has proven to be a perfect time to get a lot of family time, puzzles, crafting, and other much needed projects done. Living small, is learning to live with less junk, and learning how to survive without the clutter.

After weeks of quarantining, and staying in our pajamas, and getting quarantine hair, but what is it really like living the tiny life.

What happens when life as we know it has been put on pause, you stop, sit back and make the most out of the new life we have come to know as the new normal? Celebrities have taken to social media to introduce new music and just to communicate with their fans. John Legend is one such celebrity to have done that.

Keith Urban, and Nicole Kidman, Blake Shelton, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood , and Howie Mandel are just a few of the celebrities to come together and keep America entertained.

Television talk shows like The Talk, and The View have started talking from their homes, and using a lot of Zoom. Zoom allows for meeting, conferences and schools to keep us in touch and entertained. The courts are starting to make decisions using Zoom, the television courtroom drama All Rise finished their season using Zoom. It is an interesting take and a look at what could be happening in the courts as the new normal is setting in.




Hollywood Happenings is an on-line community newspaper, created, copyrighted and trademarked in 2003. I am an award winning sports writer, Red Carpet interviews

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Karen Kaye

Karen Kaye

Hollywood Happenings is an on-line community newspaper, created, copyrighted and trademarked in 2003. I am an award winning sports writer, Red Carpet interviews

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