By: Karen Pinkston

Photo By: Karen Pinkston © 2010

Brett Hudson, one third of the Hudson Brothers from the 1970’s TV and recording music fame. He is the youngest of the three and today you are more apt to see him behind the camera rather than in front of the camera.

The Seventh Python, is a musical feature film based on the life, work and unplanned career of musical satirist Neil Innes. It was produced by Brett Hudson, a Frozen Pictures production, and a Sean Conners Films, Ltd.

“It is about a gentleman named Neil Innes. He is sort of this behind the scenes really good songwriter. “

The Seventh Python which is a reference to various people being called the Fifth Beatle, which brings us to the Neil and the Beatles themselves.

“He wrote all the music for his record which Paul McCartney in Englean.” “He was a member of Monthy Phython, which he wrote a lot of songs with Eric Idle, and he apperaed in their movies/stageplage.” “He replaced John Cleese only who only did one year.”

However, passionate he is about his music and film career he has become very passionate about Health Care Reform and wants to go to Washington D.C., to testify before Congress on the importance of Health Care is to everyone. After being stricken with Cancer over a year ago, and now being a Cancer survivor he know the importance.

“My personal passion, I have a real problem with the insurance companies and the whole health care system.” “If anybody is paying attention and I ope that the American people are to what is going on.”

(“We as Americans have to voice our opinions on what exactly we want.,” Hudson said.

Hudson a cancer survivor made a documentary called the Klink, which tells the story about his jouney about the goods and the bads of his treatment.

“When I was very sick with cancer I filmed all of my treatments about everything that they did and did not do for me here, and everythng that they did for me in Germany.

There is a lot of good in Obama’s Health Care Reform bill, but there is a lot of bad in the bill as well. The entire bill most people don’t know that it contains 1,017 pages long and not easy to read. The plan has a lot of good points, but it also has a lot of bad points as well.

“There is a lot of good and bad in the healt reform bill. It is important that we take the time to read the Bill, or at least parts of it. There are a lot of bad in the bill like according to Hudson “Half a trillion dollars out of medicare, and 400,000 in new taxes.”

There are so many restrictions that exist in the insurance companies, like not insuring you if you have an pre existing illness because everything is pre existing.

“He has also produced shows for Court TV, on line comedy shows, and Cloud Nine. Which he co wrote co wrote , staring Burt Reynolds Rachel Hunter , Paul Rodriguez and the wonderful DL Hughley.

Currently he is working on a documentary about Chris Montz, according to Hudson Montz lived in Hawthrone, California and went to school with the Beach Boys.

He began his career with his brothers Bill and Mark with a group called the New Yorkers. They released eight albums which included TV’s the Hudson Brothers which was originally songs as part of the New Yorkers. They followed up their album with Hudson 1972, Hollywood situation 1974, Totally out of Control 1974,
BA-FA 1975, The Truth about us 1978, Dawn Those Kids 1980, and So You Are A Star 1995.

Photo By: Karen Pinkston © 2010

He along with his brothers starred in several television shows starting with the Hudson Brothers Comedy Hour, Razzle Dazzle, Cher Show, Love Boat, Bonkers, Hollywood Squares, Haywire with Mark. Besides these shows they also starred in movies like Hysterical 1983 directed by Chris Bearde, Zero To Sixty 1978, and The Millionaire 1978. Brett also starred on the stage in The Wizard Of Oz as the Scarecrow, and On The Town.

Brett is married and has two children. He was born in Portland, Oregon .

He is a proud Uncle of Kate and Oliver Hudson, who his the children from the marriage brother Bill, and Goldie Hawn, and Sarah Hudson daughter of brother Mark Hudson.

Brett was borne in Portland, Oregon, on January 18, 1953, and is the youngest of the three brothers. Brett Stewart Patrick Hudson.