History of Hollywood Blvd

Karen Kaye
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Where it all began

Th original name of Hollywood Boulevard was originally Prospect

Prior to until 1910 the famous street as Hollywood Boulevard we have come to know was called Prospect Avenue. The town of Hollywood was created by H.J. Whitley, and was annexed by the neighboring city of Los Angeles. The street numbers changed from 100 Prospect Avenue starting at Vermont Ave. to 4600 Hollywood Blvd., after annexation.

During the 1920s real estate developer Charles E. Toberman known as the “Father of Hollywood,’ envisioned a thriving Hollywood theatre district. He was involved involved in 36 projects while the Max Factor Building, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and the Hollywood Masonic Temple. Sid Grauman, opened the three themed theatres Egyptian, El Captian, and Chinese.

Hollywood Blvd.

During the time period from the 1940s — 1960s Gene Autry was found riding his horse in the Hollywood Christmas Parade, as it passed down Hollywood Boulevard each year on the first Sunday after Thanksgiving, and could hear the parade watchers yelling, “Here Comes Santa Clause, here comes Santa Clause!” he was inspired to write the songe “Here Comes Santa Clause” with Oakley Haldeman.

The parade ran from La Brea Avenue, headed east to Gower Street and an additional three blocks on Vine, and the parade was created as a tribute to artists working in the entertainment industry.

Hollywood Blvd. — photographer Ave Pildas

During the 1970s it started to decline and became very seedy, and it was frequented by many odd characters as shown seen in the photographers. By 1985 a portion of Hollywood Boulevard was listed in the National Register of Historic Places as part of the “Hollywood Boulevard Commercial and Entertainment Places as part ot the “Hollywood Boulevard Commercial and Entertainment District”.

The portion of Hollywood Blvd., was paved with glittery asphalt between Vine Street and La Brea Avenue in 1992.

Hollywood Blvd., at Highland



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